Gig East is Wilson's home for technology and innovation. We bring eastern North Carolina and the Triangle together to explore emerging technology, expand entrepreneurship in the region, and encourage conversation around Wilson's innovation economy.
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April 2020 Newsletter

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Check out the Gig East Exchange virtual tour!

Showcasing latest construction progress and floor layout, demonstrating we have a community waiting to get started post COVID-19!

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Eastern North Carolina's Innovation Hub

If you live in Wilson, you’re no doubt familiar with the term Gig East. The Wilson-specific coinage refers to the town’s set of programming, community events, and networking that are focused on economic development, technology and innovation. Gig East is comprised of 3 main components – Gig East Exchange, Programs/Meetups, and Gig East Summit.

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“Coworking is all about community, but I believe the ‘work’ part of coworking should be as attractive as the ‘co’ part.”

– Jerome Chang, founder of the first coworking space in Southern California

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Gig East Features

New series called “Gig East Features” highlights the entrepreneurship and freelance work happening right here in Wilson. The first episode featured Brian Goodwin of B. Riveted Entertainment. His incredible talents have landed him four Emmys and producing the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Download show.B!

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Gig East Virtual Meetup

We want to officially invite you to join us in our first Gig East Virtual Meetup on Tuesday, April 28 at 2:00 pm.

They always say that necessity is the mother of invention, right? Well we say, true innovators eat necessity for breakfast! Join us as Gig East highlights stories of innovation prompted by one of the most daunting crises, ever. In our Gig East ecosystem, we are seeing so many triumphant innovations -across all types of industries - that aren't just good for the here and now, but have the staying power for ways to work going forward!

In our virtual meetup via webex hear innovators from Cisco, RIoT, and WRAL answer several questions that may inspire you to innovate in your workplace.

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Wilson RAP Cohort Update with Startup Success Stories

Virtual Meeting

The Wilson RAP startups are highly engaged through virtual programming and being fully remote. Rachel and Tom with RIoT have worked hard to make this shift in the program seamless. We checked in with some of the startups that are in the RAP cohort, see a couple of the success stories below:

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Raleigh based enterprise media and communications venture led by Mario Mazzardo and Manal el-Ramly. Newsco offers a content management platform for large companies to leverage unused screens in their offices to disseminate relevant company information for improved employee engagement. During the COVID-19 pandemic Newsco is connecting with and closing customers, most recently the Triangle Aquatics Center.

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Shyft Auto

This Greenville-based startup, led by co-founders Marcus Aman and Peter Seymour, tackles car maintenance efficiency for dealerships and their customers. The team comes with deep experience in the automotive industry and is currently piloting their SAAS solution for easy scheduling, pick up, and delivery for car maintenance service. These two have been highlighting their socially-distanced solution for keeping car dealerships serving customers properly through this crisis. They recently closed a deal with a large service center, who is rolling their solution out at six stores to start. This brings Shyft Auto up 14 service centers they are serving.

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