Gig East is Wilson's home for technology and innovation. We bring eastern North Carolina and the Triangle together to explore emerging technology, expand entrepreneurship in the region, and encourage conversation around Wilson's innovation economy.
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June 2020 Newsletter

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Gig East Features with North State Consulting

Episode three of Gig East Features, a webex interview series. In this episode our Exchange Manager, Darren Smith, interviews North State Consulting Founder, Bill O'Boyle. Tune in to learn why they chose historic downtown Wilson, North Carolina to grow their company.

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Eastern North Carolina's Innovation Hub

If you live in Wilson, you’re no doubt familiar with the term Gig East. The Wilson-specific coinage refers to the town’s set of programming, community events, and networking that are focused on economic development, technology and innovation. Gig East is comprised of 3 main components – Gig East Exchange, Programs/Meetups, and Gig East Summit.

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“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.”

– Steve Maraboli

NPR Planet Money

Planet Money Podcast

Wilson and Greenlight Community Broadband are featured on Planet Money's podcast in, “Small America Vs. Big Internet”. The episode focuses on the inspiration for and creation of Greenlight in the 2000s, and also includes references to Wilson today.

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Gig East Cohort

First Accelerator Cohort

Job well done to Gig East's first accelerator cohort with RIoT. Take a few minutes to read their stories, these companies are doing really cool things!

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Gig East Virtual Meetup

July Virtual Meetup

July 14   |   9:00 am

Are you ready to see the inside of the Gig East Exchange? Over your morning cup of coffee, join us for a virtual tour of the soon to be open, Gig East Exchange. Our Exchange Manager, Darren Smith, will be showing off our coffee counter operator, in-resident resources, as well as the general layout and amenities. This will be an interactive tour of the Exchange and a chance to ask questions to the Gig East team.

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